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Preserving Montana's Habitat  For Future Generations

The Issue

Spotted Knapweed and other non-native noxious weeds destroy Montana's wildlife habit, thus reducing our wildlife numbers. Noxious weeds also decrease agriculture production while increasing production costs that are passed along to us the consumer. Knapweed alone currently infests 2.5 million acres in Montana and is spreading to new sites.

The Solution

The continuous pulling and killing of noxious weeds at a rate greater than they reproduce and reducing the spread of noxious weed seeds to new locations. As Montana's we have a responsibility to preserve our public and private lands for future generations to enjoy. Noxious weeds are a threat to keeping Montana's public and private lands pristine. We all have the ability to participate by pulling our share of noxious weeds to give back to a resource that has given so much to us.


Our Mission

The mission of the Pull Your Share Project is to encourage and facilitate teachers and their classes in the adoption of noxious weed sites, such as campgrounds, trailheads, and boat launches. The teachers and their students return to their adopted noxious weed sites each spring for educational weed pulls. The weed pulls are hosted by personnel from natural resource agencies, such as conservation districts, weed districts, the U.S. Forest Service, and Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks. The students through the installation of Pull Your Share signs at their sites encourage all recreators to pull noxious weeds for 5 to 15 minutes per outing day.


Get Involved

Pulling My Share

As recreators, we have a responsibility to preserve Montana's habitat for future generations to enjoy all that Montana has to offer. Noxious weeds are a threat to keeping Montana's habitat pristine. We all have the ability to participate in Pull Your Share on an individual basis simply while you are out recreating or enjoying Montana land. Click below for details on how you can Pull Your Share.

Planning An Educational Weed Pull

If you would like to become more involved with Pull Your Share beyond an individual basis, you can plan and organize your own Pull Your Share educational weed pull. Larger groups gather together to have a signficant impact on negating noxious weeds in a particular area. We bring Montanan's together to work on preserving Montana's native habitat while removing non-native harmful noxious weeds. Click below for details on planning a Pull Your Share educational weed pull.

Why Is This Important

Noxious weeds are any plants that are non-native and invasive to a particular area. Noxious weeds are harmful to agriculture, recreation, wildlife, and property, because they overtake natural forage, grasses, and rangeland. We have the ability to combat noxious weeds to keep Montana in its natural, pristine condition. As we recreate and enjoy Montana's pristine land, we have a responsibility to steward the land and combat noxious weeds.

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